Babies Are Not For Weaklings!

Recently, my daughter advised me to strengthen my back, arms, legs and ab muscles.  She warned me about osteoporosis, the effects of unhealthy eating, the lethargy that comes from low activity and most importantly, the horror of flabby arms.  She warned that leggings were not an option for my wardrobe.  She told me in no… Continue reading Babies Are Not For Weaklings!

“Car Wars” originally entitled “Road Rage of the Modern Era”

“Is the tea ready yet Hon?” I ask as I rub my bleary eyes awake.  The kitchen clock reads nine am.  I smile sheepishly, knowing that this hour is atrocious.  Any decent person should have been up ages ago, but I don’t care.  I feel delicious.  At least I’ve thrown on my T-shirt and shorts… Continue reading “Car Wars” originally entitled “Road Rage of the Modern Era”

Snowball’s Reign of Terror Ends!

HAMILTON– Heather Lamb reporting on October 20, 2015 Neighbors in a quiet residential area on Stoney Creek mountain were shocked to learn that a drama of life and death was unfolding nearby as they sat down to enjoy their Thanksgiving feasts last weekend. Criminal mastermind Sam a.k.a “Squeaky” Snowball, shown here in a 2014 police… Continue reading Snowball’s Reign of Terror Ends!

They Say Everyone Has a Twin Out There Somewhere

I met someone new the other day.  Her name is Heather Lamb.  She is a highly educated, charming person; genuine and caring.  I really like her a lot. “Why, you snob,” you think.  “Talk about narcissistic.  Heather gets herself a blog and thinks she’s the bee’s knees.  I have a good mind to push the… Continue reading They Say Everyone Has a Twin Out There Somewhere

Tree Forensics–A Sticky Situation in Lambieland

I recently spent an afternoon trimming my smoke bush.  That brazen bush knows it’s  a stunning plant; it flaunts its dusty purple finery against the cedar-coloured fence that showcases it so well.  The fluffy pink plumes that burst from its flower buds during the season make it appear magical somehow, as if fairies should reside… Continue reading Tree Forensics–A Sticky Situation in Lambieland

Dealing With My Surname- A Lamb’s Lament

My voice quakes when I speak.  It irritates the hell out of me and embarrasses me in social situations.  The quaking thing crept up on me over time, starting when I married my husband and took on the surname “Lamb”. I tell you this as a precaution.  A public service announcement, of sorts.  Before you… Continue reading Dealing With My Surname- A Lamb’s Lament

What’s It All About Alfie?

Welcome to Lambieland!  I invite you on a journey into the labyrinth of my cerebral c(v)ortex.  An adventure land of my thoughts, dreams and stories—a view of the world as only a sheep can imagine it. “Whoopee ding,” you yawn.  “Big deal.  What can YOU tell me that could possibly amuse ME?” Well, as I… Continue reading What’s It All About Alfie?