What’s It All About Alfie?

Welcome to Lambieland!  I invite you on a journey into the labyrinth of my cerebral c(v)ortex.  An adventure land of my thoughts, dreams and stories—a view of the world as only a sheep can imagine it.

“Whoopee ding,” you yawn.  “Big deal.  What can YOU tell me that could possibly amuse ME?”

Well, as I mentioned on my “About” page, I spent 35 years in the car business—a veritable gold mine of raw material; rich in humour, intrigue, drama and general nonsense.  A panoply of comical characters, scintillating situations, dynamic dealings and dreadful doings that kept me in thrall for all those years.

Featured image
photo credit: 2013 Nissan Altima @ the 2012 New York International Auto Show via photopin (license)

“Heather,” you plead, “tell me the stories of the business you loved.  I want to know your co-workers, your brothers-in-arms, as it were, for all their strengths and weaknesses.  For not only their quirkiness, but their steadfastness as well.”

Do not fear, Gentle Reader.  I plan to weave those unique personalities into my tall tales, my true tales and my random speculations.

You are also invited to take a peek at a variety of other short stories, poems and musings I have written since retiring from a respectable position in the real world.  Now and again, I may post a picture of my latest art project and whatever else strikes my fancy.  After all, one must keep oneself busy.  Retirement is not strictly about sleeping in late and relaxing on the patio, margarita in hand.  (Although that happens as well!)

Please join me again soon in Lambieland.

Baa, baa for now.


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