They Say Everyone Has a Twin Out There Somewhere

I met someone new the other day.  Her name is Heather Lamb.  She is a highly educated, charming person; genuine and caring.  I really like her a lot.

“Why, you snob,” you think.  “Talk about narcissistic.  Heather gets herself a blog and thinks she’s the bee’s knees.  I have a good mind to push the UNFOLLOW button at the bottom of this page!”

Hold on, Gentle Reader.  Don’t be too hasty until you read on.  I’m not talking about myself at all.  Here’s what happened.

I started my blog near the beginning of September–less than a month ago.  Now, anyone who has tried teaching me computer programs, while yawning, pulling at their hair and mouthing Oh.My.God. behind my back, knows that technology and I don’t mix.  It takes me much longer than a mere month to learn all that computer, bloggy, facebooky stuff.14293339_5a3f2759a9_q

Soon I realized I had screwed up the links, the settings, the blah, blah, blah techno legerdemain going on behind the scenes of my brand-new blog site.  Maybe I figured it out when my friend mentioned something.

“Why can’t I find your site on the search engines?” asked Barbara Studham a few days after she helped me design my  page.

“Duh, I dunno,” I answered with all the authority and computer knowledge I could muster.  My mouth was agape and a line of drool trickled down my chin.

“Did you actually complete the sign-up form?  Does WordPress have all your personal information?  You know.  When you followed the step-by-step sign-up procedure?”

A fly meandered around and found its way into my mouth.  Why did Barbara have a edge of incredulity to her voice?

“Sign-up procedure?”  I stared at my friend blankly.  “I dunno.  I got a user name and a password.”

“I think you’d better start all over again with the proper sign-in.  Make a new blog and then delete the old one,” said Barbara, shaking her head and looking at me with great pity, as if witnessing a delicious coconut cream pie lying splattered across the floor.

“Kill it?” I sobbed.

I couldn’t do it.  I was determined to save the life of my firstborn blog, even though my new one was up and running with Barbara’s help.  I kept returning forlornly to the original blog, watching it gasp and flop around, unused and neglected.  I searched the “help” manual and discovered how to transfer my old blog.

“Choose an email address or user name to which to transfer your blog.” 

When I entered my email address, the technical leprechaun who lives inside my computer said, “Email already used.  Choose another email address or user name.” 

I typed lambieland.

“User already used,” said the damned leprechaun.

AARRRGGGH!  Okay, how about this?  Heather Lamb.  After all, that’s me.  I am the user, right?

Wrong.  M5694176010_6b7100f1e9_qy blog, my first baby, was gone.  It disappeared.  Forever.  I panicked.  I searched the internet for Heather Lamb.  Just who was this mysterious stranger?  This hidden being whose user name was Heather Lamb?  This doppelganger who was not me?

Well, bless her heart, when lambieland popped up on her website like a groundhog on a sunny February day, Heather Lamb reached out and contacted me.  She kindly transferred my blog back to me.  All is right again in my Little World.

Which leads me back to the crux of this blog post.  Thank you, Heather Lamb, for taking time out from your busy life and showing kindness to this wayward sheep.

Baa, baa for now.

All photos courtesy of Creative Commons


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