Snowball’s Reign of Terror Ends!

HAMILTON– Heather Lamb reporting on October 20, 2015

Neighbors in a quiet residential area on Stoney Creek mountain were shocked to learn that a drama of life and death was unfolding nearby as they sat down to enjoy their Thanksgiving feasts last weekend.

Criminal mastermind Sam a.k.a “Squeaky” Snowball, shown here in a 2014 police mug shot, was holed up in the home of Robert and Heather Lamb, where he had been hiding, according to authorities, for an extended amount of time.

#22674983 Metropolitan Toronto Police Central Division

snowball 2

Snowball had been the subject of an extensive manhunt since his disappearance on or around the first week of October.  The last report of “Squeaky” Snowball’s whereabouts was a sighting in Pickering, Ontario, a quiet suburban community east of Greater Toronto.  Residents there had lived in fear since the sighting.  Police issued an all-points bulletin for the immediate vicinity, as well as Toronto and Hamilton areas, where Snowball is known to have contacts involved in his criminal empire.  Interviews of Snowball’s known associates came up empty, necessitating a province-wide alert.

On Thanksgiving weekend, the homeowners in Stoney Creek and their guests were horrified to discover that Snowball had entered the home from a wooded area behind the residence.  It appears the notorious criminal had been running his operation from the residence in Stoney Creek, some 110 kilometers west of Pickering, for several weeks since “Squeaky’s” last sighting in that small eastern township.

One of the Lamb’s children and a dinner guest encountered the suspect inside the home where they recognized him from television broadcasts.  They pursued Snowball and brought him down in a fierce battle that ended in the demise of the infamous gang leader.


Shown here, in a morgue photo of the deceased, Snowball met a grisly end.  Police say an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.  However, authorities confirm no charges will be laid in the death of Sam Snowball.  He will be buried in an unknown location around the vicinity of the Ottawa Street dump.snowball 4

The homeowners have approached the City of Hamilton to request that a Citizen’s Citation be awarded to their daughter Millie and her guest Hudson for their efforts in the apprehension of the suspect and in restoring the safety of the neighborhood.  The mayor of Hamilton has personally spoken with the two heroes and is considering the request, acknowledging that the public’s safety is undoubtedly more certain due to the efforts of the two children.

Sam “Squeaky” Snowball’s long reign of terror is finally over.

Hudson, the Lamb’s dinner guest, was unaffected by the trauma of the manhunt.
Millie, resident of the home, shown here, minutes after the fatal pursuit.

Baa, baa for now.


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